Sales Audit

To succeed in business, as you well know, it does not only take a product salesroom presentation. Proper consideration of the market specifics does count, too. Sales (retail) audit is growing to be an integral part of an efficient brand build-up. Audit facilitates the spot-checking of the product representation status in store units, as well as allows for monitoring and evaluating its market position.

Sales Audit


As part to a marketing research, what does sales auditing consists of?

  • Assessing the market volume for your brand and locating the niche it can safely occupy.an>
  • Screening the competitors’ products for their weaknesses identification.
  • Locating the prospective niches for your novelty lines.
  • Evaluating the level of your products’ salesroom presentation.
  • Studying the competitive environment.
  • Examining the presence of POS items in the store units.
  • Building the sales units database.

Sales Audit

Objectives and strengths of sales units auditing:

  • Assessment of an item market share.
  • Formation of a system for assessing customer activity.
  • Identifying weaknesses of the distribution practice.
  • Providing for price segmentation within the industry market.

Being true professionals, our experts keep an eye on the market trends. The practical guidance we will provide you with shall only be timely and the list of the projected change will come along, too. We will provide for the comprehensive data on your brand and the competing products. Then all you need to do is put to use the data.